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What to do on AntiPaxos

AntiPaxos is a romantic escape for couples and the more adventurous family not wanting organised entertainment. Without the light pollution of a village, the night time sky is a magical and theatrical display. An undulating interior of wild hillsides, carpeted by maquis and small olive trees, hides valleys of vineyards above beaches of sand and pebble. There exists a rare feeling of absolute peace and quiet.

Rough donkey paths have become walking paths to connect the island’s tiny port with the small houses scattered over the island and over the past few years a few locals have shipped over a battered jeep or two to help carry supplies to renovate a crumbling stone cottage. Donkeys and walkers however still have right of way and you can hear an approaching battered jeep from afar. In 2023 the main path, connecting the port with the centre of the island and the east coast beaches, was widened and concreted. A step closer to the modern world but not changing the island's natural and peaceful charm.

No traffic lights, no shops, no water sports, no bars. Should you get bored with exploring the island on foot and swimming in a crystal clear sea, the bright lights of Paxos are just a mile away!