Antipaxos FAQ's

Q: What are AntiPaxos’ pros & cons?
A: The pros include beautiful white sandy beaches; a natural escape from the outside world; very few houses (excellent for star gazing as very little light pollution); 4 good tavernas close to the sandy beaches; peace & quiet; 30 friendly locals who will usually invite you in to pick fruit from their gardens if you bump into them; no need to dress up.
The cons include no shops (see below re shopping); tavernas tend to close around 18.30 – 19.30.

Q: What are the options for getting to AntiPaxos?
A: Our Paxos manager can arrange your hydrofoil or private speedboat charter from Corfu to Paxos. A speedboat transfer (15 minutes) from Gaios on Paxos) to AntiPaxos and jeep transfer to your chosen villa (5 minutes) is included in the villa rental price. Alternatively you can charter a speedboat to take you directly from Corfu to AntiPaxos (around 420 Euros each way).
On your departure day, you will be taken to Gaios port by speedboat where you will be met by our Paxos manager with your hydrofoil tickets, if you have arranged this transfer through him.
If bad weather is forecast for the day of your departure, the caretaker will discuss the option of transferring you to stay in Gaios for the night before your departure. The channel between Paxos and AntiPaxos is only 1 nautical mile but a storm can make the crossing very uncomfortable.

Q: How do I shop for provisions?
A: Each villa will have the following for your arrival: soap, toilet paper; rubbish bags; cleaning materials; bottled water, coffee, tea, sugar, salt, pepper, olive oil.

You will be met on arrival at Gaios by the villa owner’s representative, who will be taking you to AntiPaxos (with bags) in a speedboat. You have 2 shopping options:

  1. Send us a list of provisions (at least 7 days before your arrival) and we will pass these on to the villa owner, who will have these in the villa for your arrival. There will be a charge of 50 Euros for this service (payable locally in cash).
  2. On arrival at Gaios you can leave bags with the representative and shop at a nearby supermarket and take the shopping with you in the speedboat. The representative will give you cool bags.

When you need to do more shopping, you have 3 options:

  1. At least 1 day before, give a shopping list to the caretaker (Thanasis) or email the list to the villa owner (contact details in the villa folder). There will be a 50 Euros charge for this service plus the cost of the provisions (receipt given by supermarket).
  2. Take one of the Gaios/AntiPaxos/Gaios public service speedboats to shop in Gaios and then return to AntiPaxos with shopping in cool bags. You can ask Thanasis to collect you from one of the beaches that the speedboat stops at and you can even ask him to drop you off at the beach to catch the speedboat. See “Jeep Charges” below.
  3. You can hire your own boat (30 or 40 HP outboard), keep it moored in AntiPaxos’ little port (Agrapidia) and cross over to Gaios, moor up & shop. Contact us for boat hire details. Hired boat availability in July & August will be limited so prebooking is recommended.

Q: What time do the AntiPaxos tavernas close?
A: The taverna owners live on Paxos and commute each day. Normally they will close about an hour after the last public service speedboat departs from the beaches (17.30) but check with them each day as occasionally one or more of them will stay open later if a few yachts are moored nearby and they can be guaranteed custom.
It’s useful getting to know the taverna owners as if you suddenly run out of an essential provision, you can ask them to help out. They will most probably be able to sell you fresh fish to cook on your barbecue if they are not staying open late.

Q: Do I need cash on AntiPaxos?
A: There are no ATM’s on AntiPaxos (or traffic lights, car parks, petrol stations!) so bring some cash with you for Thanasis’ shopping services etc but the tavernas can accept card payments.

Q: Is there a doctor on AntiPaxos?
A: No. The villa folder will give contact details for the doctors and clinic on Paxos. In an emergency a speedboat transfer to Gaios would be arranged.