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About Us

Who is Ionian Villas?

David Watrous was managing director of Greek Islands Club for over thirty years. Having seen that more and more people were opting for a more flexible alternative to the traditional package holiday - he, his wife Vivienne, their son Alex and his wife Catherine set up Ionian Villas in 2011. Alex and Catherine now run Ionian Villas from their West Sussex office with their team of David, Natalie and Reggie.

"The simplicity, beauty, friendliness and escapism of the Ionian islands appeal to a certain type of visitor, usually seeking a relaxed escape from a busy lifestyle. The Ionian islands have been our second home for many years. We know each of the properties featured on this website well and can offer the assurance of a qualified recommendation."

Our involvement with the Ionian islands and the people who live there mean that we can usually help you find what you are looking for more quickly than by sifting through a brochure or a congested website.

Ionian Villas - Greek Villa Holiday Specialists


  • What is Ionian Villas?

    We act as an agent for each property owner and pay the owner as soon as you have paid us. Ionian Villas offers different types and styles of accommodation (ranging from £300 to £35,000 per week) but is carefully selective to ensure that each property has redeeming features to mark it out from the rest. We do not arrange flights but within this website we provide links so that you can make your own travel arrangements. Call or email us to get a better idea of how this works.

  • Who looks after us in Greece?

    We believe in supporting local island economies as much as possible. We have built up good relationships with many of the local people and we feel that they are best placed to help you with anything you require on the islands. We do not therefore employ British Reps to cajole you into island excursions but we give you introductions to our island managers (English speaking) to help or advise on anything you may need – from transfers, welcome hampers, car hire and boat hire to extra maid service, cooks and masseuses and general island information.

  • What's next?

    Book your chosen villa with us and then, with our help, put together your own package of flights, transfers and car hire to suit your choice of dates – our website shows you how to do this or you can ring us to discuss in more detail.

  • Can I talk to someone?

    This website tries to give you as much information as possible but if you need to know more about a property’s immediate neighbours, whether it faces east or west, how many steps from terrace to terrace etc - or you just want to talk to someone who has been there - ring us on 01243 820928 or email

  • Personalised Service

    We act as a booking agent for a carefully chosen selection of self-catering properties. Each owner pays us a booking commission.

    With a bit of effort you might well be able to find some of these properties on other websites but contacting the owner might prove to be difficult and we give you the assurance that you will not find a cheaper rental price than ours. It can make a difference being able to talk to someone who has first hand knowledge of what they are selling - give us a ring.

    When compared to a hotel, a holiday home on any of the Ionian islands will provide more freedom and flexibility and greater opportunities to experience the lifestyles of your hosts – the local islanders.

    The website description of each property is limited to the basic facts. Ask us if you want more detail. We can often show you further photos of a property.

    Our properties range from apartments in a small village, for those wanting to feel part of a friendly Greek community, to secluded villas for those wanting a greater degree of privacy.

    We travel regularly to the Ionian islands and we know the islands and our featured properties well.

  • Is this all you have?

    We may well have other villas, which have not yet been added to the website so if you cannot find a suitable property please contact us and we will let you know if we have that special holiday home for you. We know people and properties on other Greek islands as well so if you are looking for a recommendation - try us!

    David, Vivienne, Alex and Catherine

Island Managers

Cyrielle Frey

Cyrielle Frey

Cyrielle is our Lefkas and Meganissi manager.

Cyrielle was born in Strasbourg and has been living on Lefkas for many years. As a sea lover, adventure seeker and Greek food lover she is the best person to introduce you to the island’s beaches, activities and restaurants. Cyrielle also works in a travel agency on Lefkas and is therefore well placed to help with car hire, private transfers, boat & yacht rental, private chef, private massage and general advice.
Dimitris Aronis

Dimitris Aronis

Dimitris is our Paxos manager.

We have known his Dad and Mum for over 45 years and Dimitris for 35 years.
Dimitris and his Dad run a travel agency in Lakka and their office is beside the small Lakka carpark.

Sofianna Mantalvanou

Sofianna Mantalvanou

Sofianna is our Kefalonia manager.

Born & raised in Bay Point California, Sofianna met her husband-to-be, Spiros, at college in Athens. They married on Kefalonia in 2015 and for the past 7 years the island's slow pace of life has given them both a welcome change to their previous busier lifestyle. Sofianna loves the island's diverse, natural beauty and breathtaking scenery and warm-hearted people.

Susan White

Susan White

Our Ithaca manager is Susan White.

Susan worked in travel for many years on Kefalonia. She then met and fell in love with a taxi driver on Ithaca.
Susan now lives on Ithaca and divides her time between running Ithaca Weddings, Ithaca Concierge and looking after our Ithaca guests.
Sussi Nilisson

Sussi Nilisson

Sussi is our Ionian Mainland Manager.

Greece has always been in Sussi’s heart and having travelled the world, it is now her permanent home.
She is a sunshine and beach worshipper and loves Syvota’s rich green landscapes plus its friendly and sleepy atmosphere.
Sussi knows this part of Greece intimately and can introduce you to “off the beaten track” experiences.